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The Tampa Bay area is notorious for its strong storms and damage-prone tall palm trees. If your trees have suffered damage due to a storm, lack of care, old age or any other reason, reach out to All Pro Tree and Landscaping for expert assistance. We’ll diagnose your tree problems in-depth. Our tree aficionados have the extensive experience and knowledge necessary to analyze tree health. Our experts’ trained eyes and deductive reasoning skills empower them to diagnose trees in as accurate of a manner as possible.

Trees in urban areas of Tampa Bay endure especially brutal stimuli. Some such trees do not have the genetic predisposition to deal with these forces. Our arborists are here to analyze the nuances of your trees as well as their surrounding environment to cut directly to the core of the problem. We’ll custom-tailor solutions that promote the health of your unique trees. Let’s take a look at the most prevalent tree disorders across the greater Tampa Bay area.



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